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Is it difficult for ic manufacturers to produce? What problems need to be paid attention to?

Article Source:Our news Edit: Mecrli Technology Reading: Issuing Time:2021-04-10 16:41:52

As an IC manufacturer, the most concerned issue is the product yield. Since products are constantly updated and iterative on the market, many new products have very high requirements on the process. However, because the current production process is difficult to meet the corresponding standards, it will cause a phenomenon that the yield of the product is very low. So is this kind of product difficult to produce? What problems need to be paid attention to?

ic manufacturers

1. The choice of raw materials for the product

As an IC manufacturer, the most critical factor affecting the product yield is the quality of the product's raw materials. Therefore, when selecting raw materials for products, we must pay attention to screening and choose products with good quality. In order to be able to find problems in time, there must be dedicated personnel to make selections when purchasing raw materials. Because the specialized personnel are very strict in controlling the various processes of the product and have certain early warnings for possible problems, they are more experienced in the selection of raw materials.

2. Process control

After determining the raw materials of the product, the most important thing in the re-production process is the control of the process. For IC manufacturers, the process needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant standards. If there is a problem, it will affect the yield of the product. As a result, the entire product failed the inspection.

3.product packaging issues

The impact of product packaging on the product is relatively small, but it is also a link that cannot be ignored. For IC manufacturers, product packaging requires careful design and selection of packaging with good materials and durability.

IC manufacturers’ production difficulty is relatively high, because the products have higher requirements on the process, so the process of controlling related issues is also stricter, and there are more problems that need attention.

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