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√ Quality Assurance √ Efficient spot √ Technical support
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10 Years
More than 10 years of industry experience accumulation
8 Hours
5*8 hours fast delivery
5000 Companies
Nearly 5,000 cooperative customers worldwide
5 Million
Sales of nearly 500 million in 2020

Spot purchase of brand electronic components

√ Quality Assurance √ Efficient spot √ Technical support

More than 10 years of industry experience

Mature and stable global advantageous channels, more reliable supply services
01 Brand
Multi-brand original factory agency authorizationFormal customs declaration, traceable channels

Long-term strategic cooperation with the world's first-line brand general agents, multi-brand original agent authorization, complete first-hand supply qualifications, and ensure that all products come from formal upstream manufacturers/agent channels.

Each product has been inspected by the Chinese Customs and declared formally, and only enters the company's warehouse after paying taxes. The formal process can guarantee continuous supply.

02 Quality
Original qualityguaranteed by agreement

Cooperate with China Electronic Components Central Laboratory and third-party testing institutions to conduct product quality and reliability tests to ensure that the quality is passed.

In order to let customers use it at ease, we also provide customers with quality assurance agreements to ensure quality and customer rights within a reasonable period of time.

03 Inventory
Tens of millions of spot in stockScientific management and rapid order issuance

Multiple modern warehouse layouts, common/common products are always stocked with tens of millions of stocks; at the same time, it also has the ability to support the global deployment of scarce materials/FORECAST stocking support.

The warehouse implements modern scientific management and control, and all components are stored strictly in accordance with the appropriate temperature and humidity range of the components to ensure that the components are not damp or oxidized.

04 Service
7*24 hours professional serviceEfficient service technical support

The professional sales team provides efficient quotation, professional selection and recommendation, real-time delivery of orders, SF Express is selected, and the mission must be reached.

Our own professional technical service team solves problems in real time, and supports technical support services from the original factory/agent to make production more secure.


Multiple modern warehouses, full stock models

Shipped within 12 hours from stock, SF Express will deliver it efficiently

5000+ customers worldwide

Mecrli has customers all over the world, reaching 8 major industries
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • BYD
  • NXP
  • ST
  • EXAR

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